eStore eCommerce Theme – compatibility with last WordPress

septiembre 19, 2011 Publicado por Deja tus comentarios

Short topic about compatibility of eStore eCommerce Theme ( ElegantThemes ) with last version of WordPress 3.2.1

The question is that according to ElegantThemes this nice theme is only compatible with WordPress 3.0 . Anyway I have tried to install it on WordPress 3.2.1 and failed (don´t work preperly). So, following advices of ElegantThemes, I´ve installed eStore eCommerce Theme on WordPress 3.0 and then installed the theme and finally updated WordPress to 3.2.1 – it worked!

Conclusion: if any theme doesn’t work on last version of WordPress just install it on recommended if there´s any or on anterior, then try to up to date the WordPress to next or last version – may be you´ll enjoy it!

Have fun! 🙂

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