Adsense and Hacked sites

julio 29, 2013 Publicado por Deja tus comentarios

How it’s possible that Google Adsense allow hacked sites?

Just few days ago site of my fried were hacked. After recover a site manually (just had an FTP access) first we saw it was Google Adwords annoncing It  was really great to see this ad on hotels site 🙂

Adsense - Adwords on hacked site

How to report about unauthorized ad code at hacked site?

Just follow next link in regard to send information about your incidence to AdSense Team and try to keep up to date your CMS to avoid this kind of accidents :

I’m already sent a request, let’s see how long would it takes and what will be the next step.

Now, following my own  advice will update mine CMS right now 😉

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